People in crisis in Whaley Bridge can now access food and support from the town’s first food bank.

 One of the factors that prevent people approaching food banks is the perceived stigma.

We’ve only been operating since December, and the generosity that the public and local businesses have shown clearly demonstrates that our little community cares deeply for those who need such services. We’ve had stock come in much faster than it could possibly go out, even if we were in the inner city, such is the warmth shown. It is going out though.

We also help other Food Banks when they are running low, as well as the likes of the Community Shop in New Mills and school breakfast clubs. This in turn helps to keep funds in PTA coffers that help to subside trips for those who can’t afford them.

Please do spread the word, we operate on a ‘soft’ referral basis which means users don’t need to bring any kind of paperwork.

The official hours are Mon, Wed and Fri 12-3 but if the doors of the Transhipment are open so is the Food Bank. Likewise, we can open at other hours if people need us to. Many people working are still in need of the Food Bank.

Appointments can be made outside advertised hours by text on 07920 253075 or by email or by using the contact form below.

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